Water Springs And Water-drinking Hall

Viale Della Vittoria
San Pellegrino Terme


As far back as the 13th Century there is written evidence of San Pelligrino’s ‘miraculous’ water. Commercial use of this renowned water from San Pellegrino began in the mid 18th Century with housing created for the spring which was subsequently transformed into a real spa establishment. In 1838 a second spring was discovered and the town began to resemble a real tourist attraction especially for aristocrats and nouveau riche such as the lawyer Mazzoni who, in 1899 started the San Pelligrino Terme company, buying the two water sources and creating two new establishments. One, built in 1901 lies on viale della fonte and the second which was used as a water drinking hall with an adjoining porch was built in 1902. These projects were run by the engineer Mazzocchi and elevated the prestige of San Pellegrino. The inauguration of the spa which stood out for its sanitation and originality was presented with a French style banquet complete with Möet and Chandon. The water-drinking hall decorated in a Pompeian style with provocative allegoric frescos on the ceiling and on the walls from where the water emerges.