The Brembana Valley is called "The Valley of the Cheeses" thanks to Branzi, Taleggio, Strachitunt, Agrì, Formai de Mut and many other cheeses which have been recognised and given the official status of 'Formai de Mut dell’Alta Valle Brembana D.O.P' . Omnipresent on the cheese and meat plates of the valley.

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Agritourism La Pèta

Agritourism La Pèta

La Pèta is an agriturismo (farm) situated in Costa Serina, in the Bergamo area (Lombardy, northern Italy).The beautiful Serina Valley has been our home for about 20 years. We rear pigs, horses, donkeys and other farmyard animals.We produce delicious goats cheese, yogurt, honey and cured meats.At La Pèta guests can eat, sleep and enjoy the silent beauty of the local mountains and the attention we put into taking care of our green areas.The Costa family lives here and runs the farm in co-operation with the Aeper group.Paola cooks delicious and balanced meals, Mario turns our goats' milk into excellent cheese.Marco, Andrea and Silvia share their energies and smiles, and Alessandro takes care of our woods and meadows.

Monaci Cheese Factory

Monaci Cheese Factory

In order to find the historical roots of the Monaci Cheese Factory, it is necessary to go back to the year 1966, when Mr. Antonio Monaci, supported by his three sons Silvio, GIovanni and Antonio Italo left his native village Branzi to transfer his activity first to San Pietro d'Orzio and then to San Giovanni Bianco in the hamlet of Roncaglia Entro where he still lives today.After the uncertainty of the first steps, in the three brothers, dairy technicians graduated in a dairy school in the valley, the spring was triggered that allowed them to reach the ambitious goal they had set themselves. Today, in fact, Monaci Cheese Factory is an established and well-known company, which makes use of the work of the three brothers, some family members and some external collaborators.Most of the processed milk comes from the hamlets of San Giovanni Bianco, but the collection route also extends to Taleggio Valley, Imagna Valley and as far as the foot of Brembana Valley.The production of the Monaci Cheese Factory, which takes place within a modernly adapted structure, is focused on two products: "Dolce Branzi" Cheese and "Valle Brembana" Butter.

Azienda Agricola Trionfini Ivan

Azienda Agricola Trionfini Ivan

The farm Trionfini Ivan, located in the village of Lavaggio in Dossena at 1200m above sea level on an area of about 20 hectares between peace and quiet, has a historical tradition that is handed down from generation to generation, which despite technological evolution still maintains the origins of the past.The livestock is fed with fodder harvested on our fields. In summer they graze in the meadows and in winter they live in free housing in our stable.We produce in a traditional, historical and genuine way every day: cheese, stracchino and dairy products with milk exclusively from our cows.

Branzi's Dairy

Branzi's Dairy

For more than fifty years, the milk from the barns of the Brembana Valley and neighbouring areas, which acquires its typical character from the quality of the forage and pastures, is collected daily and sent to the Latteria Sociale in Branzi, where it is transformed after meticulous testing. Artisanal work methods are used, although different equipment is employed considering the large quantities of milk that are transformed each day and to meet modern standards of hygiene. Large steel vats have replaced the traditional “coldere” cauldrons shaped like an upside down bell. The curd is no longer broken with a spada (wooden rod) or curd knife, but with large rotary tools. Temperatures for heating and cooking are regulated by thermostat. It still remains the art of the master cheesemakers, the only ones able to decide when the curd formed by the rennet has reached the right degree of homogeneousness and consistency for breaking down and when the curd is cooked to the right point where the whey can be removed.

Farm Holiday

Farm Holiday "La Corna"

It was inaugurated in 2010, located in Sambusita di Algua. It raises on Serina Valley on an altitude of 900mt. We offer tasty and generous meal in order to rediscover typical  and real taste. We only use our products both for the preparation of starter and main course or sweets.

The events in program

02 May 2020

29 May 2020

Excursion on two wheels

San Pellegrino Terme
Guide MTB Val Brembana & Saras Italy offers for the first time for Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2020 a tour on two wheels to discover the historic villages, mountains and good food typical of Brembana Valley.

The departure is scheduled by shuttle bus from the center of Bergamo with arrival in Piazza Brembana. From here, you will take the cycle path and ride the e-bike down the valley to Bergamo city. During the journey, often flanked by the Brembo river and surrounded by mountains, you will encounter charming towns such as San Pellegrino Terme and San Giovanni Bianco. The route takes place entirely on the cycle path with some passages in very suggestive tunnels. A lunch break is scheduled in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Cornello dei Tasso.


  In case of bad weather the entire cost of the tour will be refunded. The cancellation will be communicated the day before the tour, by the organizer.    Present yourself at the secretary's office at least 1 hour before departure time for check-in.    Closing date for entries: 25 March    Deadline for e-bike rental: 25 March    The tour is easy but still suitable for all those who know how to ride a bike for at least 3 hours.    Lunch includes an appetizer, a first course, water and coffee. Drinks are excluded

17 July 2020

Hophop Street Food

San Pellegrino Terme
On Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July along the Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII of San Pellegrino Terme it will be possible to taste the delights of Hophop Street Food, the most important Street Food Tour in the main squares of northern Italy.
An event designed to allow you to taste the best street food specialties from all over the world in the best way: under your home.
In addition to the food, sweet and salty, you will find a wide selection of craft beers and an atmosphere that only Hop Hop Street Food can give you.
02 August 2020

San Pellegrino Terme