One of the greatest pleasures in life is eating and the Brembana Valley certainly doesn’t lack a culinary tradition. From the classic polenta to Bigio biscuits and on to casoncelli (Bergamaque ravioli) , luganeghe (traditional sausage), salami, polenta, taragna (cheese), cheeses, truffe, mushrooms and apples. All washed down with one of the numerous mineral waters which gush from the ground, the most famous of course being San Pellegrino water, the "Champagne of mineral waters"

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Natural produce

Apples,mushrooms, truffles, fruits of the forest are but a few of thespecialities our land offers for you to taste.


Meat and salami

Passion, love and traditions. These are the special ingredients that make our products a unique specialty.



The constitution of the land combined with plentiful rain create the perfect conditions for the numerous mineral water springs present in the valley. History has witnessed the founding of a number of companies which bottle and sell the water, the most famous being Sanpellegrino. Known as the ‘champagne’ of mineral waters, the Sanpellegrino bottling company also opens its doors to the public during the summer.



The Brembana Valley is called "The Valley of the Cheeses" thanks to Branzi, Taleggio, Strachitunt, Agrì, Formai de Mut and many other cheeses which have been recognised and given the official status of 'Formai de Mut dell’Alta Valle Brembana D.O.P' . Omnipresent on the cheese and meat plates of the valley.