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29 May 2020

Excursion on two wheels

San Pellegrino Terme
Guide MTB Val Brembana & Saras Italy offers for the first time for Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March 2020 a tour on two wheels to discover the historic villages, mountains and good food typical of Brembana Valley.

The departure is scheduled by shuttle bus from the center of Bergamo with arrival in Piazza Brembana. From here, you will take the cycle path and ride the e-bike down the valley to Bergamo city. During the journey, often flanked by the Brembo river and surrounded by mountains, you will encounter charming towns such as San Pellegrino Terme and San Giovanni Bianco. The route takes place entirely on the cycle path with some passages in very suggestive tunnels. A lunch break is scheduled in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Cornello dei Tasso.


  In case of bad weather the entire cost of the tour will be refunded. The cancellation will be communicated the day before the tour, by the organizer.    Present yourself at the secretary's office at least 1 hour before departure time for check-in.    Closing date for entries: 25 March    Deadline for e-bike rental: 25 March    The tour is easy but still suitable for all those who know how to ride a bike for at least 3 hours.    Lunch includes an appetizer, a first course, water and coffee. Drinks are excluded

02 August 2020

San Pellegrino Terme
16 August 2020

San Pellegrino Terme