Meat And Salami

Passion, love and traditions. These are the special ingredients that make our products a unique specialty.

The offers and the structures

Farm Holiday

Farm Holiday "Le more"

Farm holiday with a farm devoted to the plantation of fields for fodder's production, fostering of cows, pigs and animals. For the preparation of our course, tender and tasty, we use only meat coming from our animals raises in the Cornello 's range. We produce sausages typical of Italian tradition: salami, loin, cotechino which we offer to our guests o best friends. We also sell the products in our little shop. We're located in Camerata Cornello in a mountainous and pure zone, from our balcony is possible to admire a magnificence view over the valley.

The events in program

29 February 2020

08 March 2020

29 May 2020

San Pellegrino Terme
17 July 2020

San Pellegrino Terme