Vedeseta Parish Church



The complex of San Bartolomeo consists of Church, monastery, ossuary. The name also refers to a very heartfelt celebration that includes mass, procession and greetings to the dead buried nearby. The presence of a sacred building dedicated to Bartholomew is attested as early as the end of the thirteenth century.   The church has been the centre of many disputes. The first concerns the primacy of the oldest church in the valley. The second concerns whether or not the "Milanese" or the "Venetians" belonged to the territory. In the final division of the valley, San Bartolomeo ended up in the Serenissima, although it remained the property of the parish of Vedeseta, which remained ambrosian until 1995.   A memorial stone, which marked the boundary within the walls, is still there to remind us of the long historical parable and the infinite diatribe.