The Sanctuary Of The Blessed Virgin Mary Of Cultivation

Via Dell' Industria, 141


The Sanctuary ofthe Blessed Virgin Mary of Cultivation stands in the fields on theplain of Lenna. Here, you can also find an old blacksmith’sworkshop with four store rooms nearby. The smithy was called 'ForgeGromo'. Oral tradition states that a child who worked in the forge asan apprentice blacksmith would linger in contemplation of a picturepainted on the wall of ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’ each time he enteredthe stores. One day the Holy image appeared more beautiful and lit inan unusual splendour. In 1600, a sanctuary in honour of the MotherMary was built on the ground of the forge. Devoted pilgrims and thefaithful still visit this site of ‘Our Lady of Sorrows’ to pledgetheir faith. The aforementioned painting has been preserved andvenerated for more than four centuries as an altarpiece on the mainaltar. ‘October 1580’ is written and clearly visible on thepainting