The Sanctuary Of Madonna Del Perello

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The Sanctuary dates back to 1413, the year in which the Virgin Mary appeared to alocal farmer. Inside there are interesting preserved Coevi frescos. Originally the Sanctuary was named Visitazione di Maria a SantaElisabetta del Bosco, later to be renamed Vergine Maria del Bosco odell’Olivo and finally today known as Madonna del Monte Perello andis quoted as such in records made by visiting bishops. Thissanctuary stands where tradition states the appearance of Mother Maryoccurred while a local farmer was scything to make hay. The PerelloSanctuary is one of sixty sanctuaries in the province of Bergamo. Itis where the second apparition took place. The next apparitionoccurred at the Basella of Urgnano (Bergamo) in 1356 and wascanonically assessed and approved by the diocese of Bergamo.