The Church Of The Saints Cornelio And Cipriano

Borgo Storico
Camerata Cornello


The Church of the Saints Cornelio and Cipriano stands on the highest point of the hamlet and dominates with its leaning bell tower and four Romanesque mullioned windows (one of only a few examples in the Brembana Valley). The church as it stands today is almost certainly the result of a radical transformation of a preceding building which existed from around the 17th and 18th centuries. Very few traces of this original structure remain. Profound changes took place in 1400s when the Church was decorated with frescos some of which have been dated to 1475. The façade is simple and has a large square stone portal with pointed arches, the interior is divided into three bays by two arches in stone which support the visible beams and boards of the bell shaped roof. The creation and subsequent management of the church was made thanks to funding provided by the Tasso family. The influence of the Tasso family can be seen in certain elements such as the private altar to the right of the entrance and the two frescos dedicated to Saint D’Alessandria, the patron saint of mail carriers. The church is part of a cultural axis which includes the Mercatorum and Priula – migrant routes, artists, the Tasso family and the Harlequin.