The Castle Of Forcella In Bordogna

Via Brolo


Just above the little church of Forcella, on the top of a rise, the ruins of a square perimeter wall of considerable size, traditionally called the Castle, have been brought to light. On the south-eastern side are the remains of an imposing tower of about seven metres on a side in which there was an entrance door. The construction of the castle seems to have taken place gradually from the 11th century onwards, with a primitive simple structure of reduced dimensions, to reach the most complex structure in the 14th century. It can be attributed to the Fondra-Bordogna family who dominated Valsecca and the Valle di Fondra at the time. The castle must have had a certain strategic importance as it controlled the only access to the Fondra valley. The underground passages seem to have connected it to the nearby village of Torre, where there was a residence of the same family, as well as constituting strategic routes for defence or escape in the event of attacks. Following its abandonment, it was stripped of its stone material. It can be reached from the hamlet of Forcella in a few minutes along an easy path.