Square Fratelli Calvi

Piazza Calvi


In this small and familiar square, the community of Ornica wanted to remember the two brothers Carlo and Luigi Calvi, who died for their country in the 1915-18 war, epigones of an important local family. They were the sons of Pietro and Teresa Calvi. Pietro (1852-1921), an elementary school teacher in Olmo, Averara and for 16 years in Valtorta, had been mayor of Ornica for 20 years and placed great hope in his children.
Luigi was a student in the second year of high school and dreamed of becoming a teacher like his father, when in 1912 he was called to arms and took part, with the rank of lieutenant, in the Libyan war, from which he returned on 5th January 1913. When the Great War broke out in 1915, Carlo and Luigi were called up. Carlo, in the Friuli valleys, was mortally wounded in a hard fight on 7th December 1915 and unfortunately died.
His brother Luigi, an Alpine lieutenant, died on 23rd August 1917 on Bainsizza in an assault on the enemy when he was the commander, setting an example to his soldiers. Examples of dedication and sacrifice for the homeland by the community of Ornica.