Spring Of Bracca

Strada Provinciale 27


In the 19th century they started selling the water from the “River” spring in casks and demijohns, primarily sought after by doctors and pharmacists around Bergamo for its diuretic and mineral properties. In 1819 Maironi da Ponte wrote: “A copious stream of medicinal waters flows from the so-called River between the two neighbourhoods Zubione and Multidoni. The unfortunate location of this stream is the only hurdle to its fame, but apart from that, where it is easy to reach, this water is just as good as the more famous water from S. Pellegrino”. The first scientific paper written on the water was by Professor Monier in 1892: the water contains magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium. Four years later the mayor had a small drinking hall built. Another scientific study, from 1902, defined the water as alkaline and diuretic par excellence. Later there was also a study by the San Pellegrino priest E. Caffi, who stated the water was easier to digest than other local waters.