Shrine Of Costa San Gallo

Via Costa San Gallo, 3
Costa San Gallo-Santuario - Costa San Gallo


The history of the Shrine of Costa SanGallo has very ancient origins, more precisely in 1492 when aprodigy appeared on a painting, depicting the Virgin and Child in herarms, inside a house, near the village. It is said that in the weeksimmediately following, several people were able to benefit frominexplicable miraculous events; then the venerationbegan.

Immediately after the Prodigy of the Painting, asmall chapel was built on the north side of the "Miracle Room"on the first floor of the adjacent building. Probability the "Room"is removed from the house of which it was part and becomes a place ofworship, connected by an internal staircase directly with the newChapel built.

The story tells that many people who came fromnearby villages and towns, but also from further afield, with thecommon intention of prayer aimed at obtaining a grace, but also morefrequently and simply for a devotion in order to find oneselfor a lost serenity.