Serina Parish Church

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During recent work an ancient sundial was uncovered, comprising a triple solar quadrant showing winter time in Serina and times of sunset and sunrise. Work in 1976/77 restored the splendour of the gold decoration on the bell tower. The interior has a single nave with three chapels on each side with elegant Corinthian pilasters supporting the cornice around the perimeter of the structure. The architect was Caniana. The central ellipsoidal dome displays various frescoes, with the Gloria di Maria at the centre. Of the various altars the Risen Redeemer and St. Nicholas, called “All Saints”, are the oldest and have statues by Fantoni and paintings by Palma the Younger. Finally there are the altars of the Immaculate Conception and the Madonna of the Rosary (with stuccos by M. Camuzio), with paintings by Cappella, while the central painting showing the joint patron Saint Feliciano with the Virgin, is by Gualdi. At the sides there are two statues by Fantoni of Purity and Humility.