San Rocco Church In Cadelfoglia

Via San Sebastiano, 9
Val Brembilla


Located in the old town, the church has an attractive square in front of it. An image of the Carmine Madonna with St. Roch, the patron saint, and St. Sebastian in scrolls graces the front portal. In the year 1500 there was a small votive shrine on the site dedicated to St. Roch. Inside the church is on a Greek cross plan with a presbytery which corresponds to the early chapel. The decorations in the choir and presbytery, in eighteenth century style, are very attractive and creative and were painted on without the use of plaster. The decorations were restored in 1996. The carved, painted and gilded wooden high altar is also eighteenth century and features an apse shaped like a temple. This precious altar has been recently restored by sculptor Luciano Gritti. Three large paintings restored in 1986 grace the choir of which the central painting depicts the Madonna del Suffraggio e Angeli by Venetian painter Angelo Lion (1627).  The inhabitants of Cadelfoglia are devoted to St. Roch whose feastday is the 16th of August together with The Carmelo Madonna and St. Sebastian whose feastdays are in July and January respectively. Our Lady of Sorrow and St. Ursula were also celebrated here until the 1960s.