San Filippo Neri E San Martino Church In Malentrata

Via Malentrata
Val Brembilla


The rustic Malentrata Church has a small church forecourt and was built on a grassy slope between Malentrata Bassa and Cà  Zanardi next to the old mule track which climbs to S. Antonio. It is in eighteenth century rustic style with external stonework which is so perfect that plaster was deemed superfluous. Built in 1736 by Bernardino Rota, it was dedicated to St. Filippo Neri and St Martin who also appear in the painting in the apse alongside the Virgin Mary. The church is surrounded by steep grassy meadows and was built in exposed stone with a curved tile roof, a small bell tower and an unusual presbytery chimney and stands out picturesquely against its mountain backdrop. Every year on St Martin's day the contrada celebrates with religious services and a procession, an auction of objects and animals and meals at the school at the weekends around the feastday.