Salzana And St. Bartolomeo Sanctuaries



The Sanctuary of Salzana is located in the hamlet of Pizzino. The name would indicate the presence of salt springs.
The sanctuary was built in 1466 at the behest of the inhabitants of the valley, because of a serious disaster: the landslide in 1359, after several days of heavy rainfall, swallowed up the houses of the hamlet Salzana, causing the disappearance of dozens of families.
The only thing that was saved from the village was a small Chapel depicting the Madonna and Child, a Relic that represents an important element of the religious and artistic history of Val Taleggio. The Sanctuary, located in an area outside the village, is a place of celebration in specific periods of the year - May, 15th August and July.
Not far away is the Sanctuary of San Bartolomeo, which is dedicated to the burial and devotion of the dead.