Railway Station Piazza Granelli

Via Sottocorna
San Pellegrino Terme


In 1906 the railway ran all the way up the Brembana Valley, reaching San Giovanni Bianco. The arrival of the train boosted the number of tourists as well as local commerce. The line ran from Bergamo stopping at towns and villages along the way. The electric train enchanted thousands of tourists and avoided the congested roads until its closure in the 1960s. San Pellegrino has two ex-railway stations one next to the Grand Hotel and the other near to the Cavour Bridge. Designed in 1911 by the architect Squadrelli and painted in cream, red, capri-blue with art nouveau decorative features both stations, one of which is still used as a bus station, replicated the pre-existing stations along the line including that of Bergamo. In 1926 the line reached Piazza Brembana, passing 90 bridges and 30 tunnels. We are reminded wistfully by the wit and subtlety of the Bergamasque singer song writer Ravasio of the train carriage’s red velvet seats and lace headrests along with the sweet slowness of the journey by rail.