Portici Colleoni

Viale Papa Giovanni XIII
San Pellegrino Terme


A town which had ambitions to covet tourists had to have a place for people to promenade. This was along the River Brembo and tourists could enjoy some shady relief from the sun. In the middle of the 1800s the town’s administration funded the planting of chestnut trees along viale alberato, still today the tree-lined street makes up half of the pedestrian loop along both banks of the river, crossing from bridge to bridge. This pleasurable promenade is unique to San Pellegrino within the valley and is indicative of the town’s touristic ambitions. One had to wait until the 1930s to see the replacement of the sawmill and military barracks with an elegant arcade with shops and bars. The famous family crest of Lorenzo Colleoni, the arcade’s creator, graces these famous arches. Shortly after the construction of the arcade another impressive luxury hotel was constructed, the Excelsior, which is currently being renovated.