Parish Church Of The Annunciation Of The Blessed Virgin

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Costa Serina - Ascensione


Built in 1870 in neoclassical style with a Latin cross layout, the capitals and vaults are lavishly decorated. Above the entry porch there is a large 18th century painting of the clearing of the temple. Above the baptismal door is a 16th century Baptism of Jesus. The chapel on the left is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary while the one on the right contains relics of saints in a large carved wood reliquary. The main altar was made in 1937 of multi-coloured marble in a modern neoclassical style. Among the modern paintings there is the large altar piece of the Annunciation in the middle of the choirstalls, to the side, frescos of the Ascension and the stoning of St Stephen. The sacristy houses a valuable 15th century tableau of the crucifixion with angels and a statue of St Antonio of Padova. The belfry of natural stone was started in 1895 from a design by Muzio and finished by Brozzoni.