Parish Church Of St Lucia

Via Don Persico
Costa Serina - Ambriola


There was an old chapel here for centuries, first restored in 1754 . The present church was built in 1904 using the old chapel. The body of the church and apse are new. In 1928 Bishop Marelli made it a parish church. G. B. Dentella decorated it with gold in 1932. It was finally consecrated by Bishop Bernareggi in 1950. Look out for a 1760 woodcarving of Our Lady of Sorrows, two locally made crucifixes and St Lucia by C. Zonca (1902). The frescos include works by E. Nembrini (1932) and a Baptism of Jesus by P. Pezzotta (1952). The baptistery was built in 1921. In 1975 the presbytery was rebuilt to a design by Vito Sonzogni using mostly white marble from Zandobbio. The belfry was built by the Brozzonis in 1906. The bells, removed during the war, were replaced by a new peal of five bells.