Parish Church Of St Lorenzo The Martyr

Via San Lorenzo
Costa Serina


Consecrated in 1880, this is an enlarged, restructured version of a 15th century Gothic church that replaced an early Romanesque one. The exterior has remains of frescos from the earlier churches and 3 doors; one in stone from the early Romanesque church (1100-1200), one Gothic from the 15th century and the central portal from the 19th century with the portico, paved with stones from the Gothic church. Inside is an altar with a large, locally made wooden crucifix, a recess with a wooden statue of St Luigi and the altar to Our Lady. To the right of the main altar are beautifully designed saints in marble from the 18th century and a painting by an unknown artist of the era. At the centre of the walnut choirstalls is a neoclassical fresco of the martyr St Lorenzo with two paintings by unknown artists at the sides. At the back, above the entrance, there is a large 18th century painting of the miracle of the loaves. The belfry was raised with a second bell room in 1910 by Pietro Brozzoni.