Parish Church Of St Erasmus Bishop And Martyr

Via Trafficanti
Costa Serina - Trafficanti


Built in 1830 to replace a small church dedicated to St Erasmus. Its paintings are quite recent, i.e. the decorations of the vault were done by G. B. Paganessi of Vertova in 1922, with the Glory of St Ersamus, Our Lady of the Rosary with St Rocco, the 4 Evangelists. Vittorio Manini did a fresco of the Last Supper (1941) on the wall of the apse, the saints Peter, Paul, Alexander and Therese of Lisieux (1943) and the Baptism of Jesus (1946). The only oil painting, St Erasmus being martyred, is by Paganessi (1922). The main altar and the balustrade were made in 1951 of blocks of high-quality marble, Gavarno violet, Botticino, white marble from Valcamonica, Medici from Brescia, and onyx. The pulpit, the main porch (1943) and the base for the baptismal font are by the Brozzonis. The organ is by the Balbiani (1903). The belfry was built by the Brozzonis in 1910.