Parish Church Of St. Apostle James

Via IV Novembre, 11


The construction of St. James' Church goes back to 1500, consecrated the 29th of July 1514. It isn't the same church that today we can see on the hillock that dominates the mouth of the village: that current one is indeed the result of considerable redraftings and restorations. In 1932 a ruinous fire destroyed the parish archive, full of rare documents and prestigious testimonies.
The position of the church, distant from the residential area, hide a simple and complicated history at the same time. The lodges of Pegherolo, inhabited by many shepherds, wanted to see their church to have the presence of the divinity, and also when the bishop suggested to build the church in a more convenient position, the inhabitants opposed and wanted it over there, where is still today, where the ancestors had prayed for ages, in a full of memories place.
There are two other churches in the residential zone: St. Antony, an eighteenth-century charming oratory annexed to Arioli's house (recently restored) and St. Lucy, an other oratory located more upstream, in De Maisis contrada.
It was built in late 1600 because of population boom and for devotional necessity.
Everyone liked having a church close to own house, because in it there were that hospitality and security that the extreme poverty of the life didn't give.