Parish Church

Piazza San Francesco D'Assisi, 20
San Pellegrino Terme


The Parish Church is dedicated to St. Pilgrim, evangelizer in France and bishop of Auxerre, where he was martyred under Diocletian.
In 1715 the rebuilding of the 15th century Church began. The bell tower dates from 1753 and the bells from 1845. The baroque interior has a large barrel vault, with 4 major arches containing the side altars. Some paintings of the vault and the gilding are from the end of the 19th century. The marble flooring is of the latest restoration, as is the baptismal font of the architect. L. Angelini. In the choir stands out the canvas with the martyrdom of St. Pilgrim from Longhi (1702 - 1785), described by Maironi da Ponte as follows: "by some of Titian's school's voluptuous men, executed with great skill and liveliness". The organ is a Serassi from 1734. Among the various altars is interesting the one of the "Madonna del Carmine" by Ceresa from San Giovanni Bianco  (1609 - 1670) Virgin and Child with St. Racco between St. Sebastiano and St. Pellegrino.



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