Ornica Historic Centre - Rural Village Ecomuseum

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Since it was set up in 2009, the Ornica Historic Centre - Rural Village Ecomuseum has involved the entire community in order to guarantee, on an ongoing basis, the safeguarding, conservation, re-evaluation and promotion of the typical rural culture of the area in the magnificent Ornica area, with the recovery of the traditions and ways of life that have followed one another over the centuries. This starts with the redevelopment and enhancement of the historic centre and the mountain pastures.
The essential and qualifying component of the Ecomuseum is the territory. The Ecomuseum is not just a building or a place, but includes the whole municipal context, from the historic village to the Alpine pastures, representing and making more visible its characteristics and usability. The set of material culture assets (buildings in the Medieval Historical Centre and the churches, thematic routes, educational farm, meeting points, etc.), intangible assets (knowledge, flavours, tales, habits, trades, traditions, etc.) and landscape is what the Ecomuseum is interested in, in the awareness that this constitutes the identity of Ornica and its Community. Heritage. The Community is the true subject as well as object of the Ecomuseum, because only its active participation legitimises its existence, because it is its evolution, in space and time, that has shaped the landscape, created the heritage of the area and stipulated a pact to take care of it.


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