Oratory Of Saint Elisabetta In Cambrembo

Via Cambrembo


Cambrembo, an ancient hamlet of the Municipality of Valleve, of which there is documentation dating back to 1644 of the presence of the summer provost during the three summer months, when it was repopulated by its alpine herdsmen. The oratory of the visitation of S. Maria ad Elisabetta, commonly known as Santa Elisabetta, stands on a hillock overlooking the road that climbs to the S. Simone pass and the ancient villages, sunny and panoramic. Notarial deeds dating back to 1300 already mention the existence of an oratory on the site, the church of which is dependent on the baptismal church of Valleve, with a single altar that has no paintings, but only frescoes. In the 17th century, the chaplain's house was enlarged and added. The building is hut-shaped, with a pitched roof in exposed wood, worked and covered with local slates. The bell tower is square and has arches closed by shutters to prevent blizzards and fortiva introductions. It is built with a single nave in the form of a hall, divided by a round arch in shaped stone, into two bays. To the right is the men's side door and to the left the side altar, the former high altar, with an arched vault frescoed in the imbotte. The triumphal arch is decorated with frescoes. The tabernacle and the tribune are all carved and sculpted in wood, gilded and adorned with statues of saints in the niches.