Municipality Of Piazza Brembana

Via Sante Calvi, 1
Piazza Brembana


Piazza Brembana is located in the upper Brembana Valley, at the confluence of the two branches of the river Brembo. It is the main town of the Mountain Community of the Brembana Valley. Situated at the crossroads of the two branches of the Brembo, which descend from Mezzoldo and Fondra Valley, the Municipality of Piazza Brembana has always played an important role for the entire Upper Brembana Valley. Administrative centre during the Venetian domination, capital of the Mandamento di Piazza in the 19th century, it remains the reference point of the small surrounding municipalities, especially thanks to the weekly market, which every Friday morning attracts the valley inhabitants for all kinds of purchases.
Particularly pleasant is the walk along the old town centre with the streets F.lli Calvi and San Bernardo in their new guise, after the rebuilding of the road surface. Today here you can find a recent ecomuseum named after the four Calvi brothers, who died during the First World War. In the past centuries the administrative and social life of the village took place. There was the Town Hall and the Carabinieri Barracks (today's hotel "Gigi"), there were the Pretura premises occupied by the Convent of Canossian Sisters, and the little Church of San Bernardo with its Oratory still existing today. Until a few decades ago there were shops of all kinds along these streets. Today the main traffic and trade centre is via Belotti, while the administrative life of the town has moved towards the "Dosso di San Martino" where the municipal offices, the Carabinieri Barracks, and the headquarters of the Mountain Community are located.