Municipality Of Foppolo

Via Moia, 43


The territory of Foppolo is divided into several districts: Arale, Costa, Moretti, Piano, Rovera, Sponda, Teggie, Cortivo, and Vendulaperto. Many of these are uninhabited, but keep intact the rural style that has distinguished them over the centuries.
The old town centre, on the other hand, has seen its appearance changed in the name of tourism: hundreds of apartments, used as "second homes", built a bit 'everywhere, have completely distorted the original landscape.
From the historical point of view, you can still admire the parish church, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. Built in the 18th century in place of another one, originally built in the 15th century and destroyed by an avalanche, it is composed of three altars and houses works of good value, including a 15th century wooden Pietà. You can still admire the various districts of ancient construction, still intact.