Municipality Of Cassiglio

Via Roma, 10


The area is surrounded by nature and offers a great view. It is therefore possible to make an innumerable number of excursions, suitable for every kind of need.
The historic village has remained unchanged in recent decades, maintaining the characteristic charm of small mountain villages.
The parish church dedicated to St. Bartolomeo is particularly charming, with several houses built in the same nucleus of the church itself. On one of these, called Casa Milesi, there is a very interesting macabre dance. The church, built in 1611 and enlarged several times in the following centuries, has paintings and frescoes by many local artists and a very famous organ, of Serassi production. During the restoration works of the organ carried out in 2007, the authorship of the instrument has been attributed, on the basis of some letters in Indian ink placed on the covers of the bass-bowmen, to "Angelo Bossi 1800".