Monastery Of SS.Trinità

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Three manuscripts on the abbey have been studied to reveal the mysteries connected with this place, such as the incidents in 1677 of ‘evil spells’ overcoming nuns, so much so that an exorcist was called. There are other episodes with shouts and frightening voices coming from a spirit in the form of a goat or wolf. More exorcisms, benedictions, fasts and processions followed to ward off evil. It is interesting to read about some of the ‘offices’ incumbent on the nuns, whose days were strictly monitored. There were orders such as the choir, the attendees, the listeners, to accompany ‘the men’, for robing, the dispensary, sick-bay, canteen (wine), vegetable garden, chicken coop, the ‘visiting rooms’ (the nuns were only able to see their relations four times a year through a grill), etc. Their second rule was to have no earthly possessions, except small quantities of sugar, tobacco, coffee and chocolate.