Lower Funicular Railway Station

Viale Della Vittoria
San Pellegrino Terme


Near to the Casino on Viale della Vittoria you can admire the headquarters of the Historical Cultural Centre of the Brembana Valley, “F. Riceputi”, which in 1989 has was the seat for the funicular railway ticket office. With its two red carriages (only one is visible) transported people to Kulm peak at 850 metres above sea-level. Kulm is an exclusive residential area designed by the architect Villoresi and situated in a pine wood. It is of note that this work was planned and funded by Bracca a competitor of San Pelligrino mineral water. Work started in 1908 and finished with the inauguration in 1909 when the funicular railway arrived at the hotel restaurant named the Bracca Excelsior. Furthermore, in order to facilitate the transportation of clients staying in Bracca (Seriana Valley) at the Hotel Fonte Bracca to visit San Pellegrino there was a shuttle service! From 1928 the ownership of the funicular railway passed to Società Gestione Fonti Minerali of the Sanpellegrino group