Le Terre Dei Baschenis: Cassiglio

Via Centro


The project LE TERRE DEI BASCHENIS: Arte e storia nelle antiche Valli Averara e Stabina (The lands of the BASCHENIS: Art and history in the ancient Averara and Stabina valleys) was created with the aim of enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of the area, raising awareness of local history and art and promoting and offering cultural itineraries.
The parallel Stabina valley begins with the village of Cassiglio where, on the outside wall of the parish church of San Bartolomeo, a remarkable fresco depicting a "dance of death" has been fairly recently brought to light. A few metres further on, crossing the iron bridge, it is matched by another "dance of death" on the wall of the Milesi house. The route also includes the Sanctuary of the Immacolata.


Free route. Guided tours by appointment.
1 afternoon visit from €90/ 25 people, maximum 50 people.
Information at:
Altobrembo, Tourist Office ex Segheria Pianetti
Via Roma, 53, 24010 Olmo Al Brembo BG