Le Terre Dei Baschenis

Via Centro


The project LE TERRE DEI BASCHENIS: Arte e storia nelle antiche Valli Averara e Stabina (The Lands of the Baskenis: Art and History in the Ancient Averara and Stabina Valleys) was set up with the aim of enhancing the historical and cultural heritage of the area, raising the population's awareness of local history and art and promoting and offering cultural itineraries.

In the Averara valley, the first important reference point is the parish church of San Giovanni Apostolo with the tower of Sapienza and the "via porticata", part of the ancient "Via dei mercanti" (known as Mercatorum). In the hamlet of Redivo, in addition to the Church of San Pantaleone, the imposing architecture of the 'Casa Bottagisi' is worthy of note. Also worth mentioning are the medieval towers and the Church of the Madonna della neve in the hamlet of Valmoresca.


There is free access to the points of interest, with the possibility of guided tours by appointment and for a fee.

One afternoon visit from €90 for groups of at least 25 people (up to a maximum of 50).