Historic Hamlet Of Bretto

Via Bretto
Camerata Cornello


Upper Bretto and lower Bretto are surrounded by fields and woods and in the centre you find the Church of Saint Ludovico of Tolosa. Having left Cornello, a branch of the Tasso family tree settled in Bretto in 1300 and so their histories began to entwine. The hamlet still has tangible marks of this history. The Tasso family crest, along with other frescos is still visible on the entrance to a building owned by the family at the start of Bretto. The Church of Saint Ludovico of Tolosa granted proprietary rights to the family of a building in Lower Bretto, the Tasso family crest is also still visible here, located in the middle of the main façade. The presence of th Tasso family in Bretto ceased towards the end of 1700s when the last descendents sold all their property and permanently moved to Bergamo. The hamlet is part of a cultural axis which includes the Mercatorum and Priula – migrant routes, artists, the Tasso family and the Harlequin.