Fra Cecilio’s House

Via Nespello , 7
Costa Serina


Pietro Antonio, the future Fra Cecilio Maria, was born to Lorenzo Cortinovis and Angela Gherardi in 1885. The family led an exemplary life and earned their living working in the fields and woods. Piero Antonio was the 7th of 8 children who grew up in a strong Christian environment. His faith was obvious from early on; in fact he was only 4 when his mother took him to church and he experienced the beauty of the Eucharist. From that moment he came to see every church in the mountains as Jesus’ home. Based in various convents, he carried out many religious duties. He was called up during the 1st World War then discharged for health reasons. This difficult experience strengthened his faith so much that the serenity with which he carried out his duties became an example to the men and officers. He died in Bergamo in 1984. He has been nominated for beatification.