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This was a source of income for the valley, along with minerals, in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. There are many records on this excellent water used to cure all sorts of internal and external maladies. Thanks to the cows and their milk, the water was found to contain minerals, but too much, it was diuretic, but too much, it was bacterially pure, but sadly contained too many minerals. Boiling 20 kg of the water left a residue of 14 gr of carbonates, sodium, sulphur and silicate. It did not boil at 100o C but at 110o. It did not freeze at 0oC but at lower temperatures. Whoever drank the water then had terrible kidney problems, hepatic biliary disease. And to think that they even put up a building to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the water. It is still there but no longer in use. The source has been shut off but still runs in underground pipes. (Research by Ceroni Romano)