Church Of St Nicholas

Via Vittorio Veneto, 42
San Pellegrino Terme


San Nicola Church from Tolentino dates back to 1464, as evidenced by the inscription on the arch of the presbytery. In 1427 Brembana Valley had passed under the dominion of the Venetian Republic and Piazzo, the district in which this church stands, together with the hamlet of Santa Croce (at that time Piazzo Alto), was common to itself, although it remained part of San Pellegrino Parish.

The first prior was Michele Oprandi from Piazzo Basso and the order continued its stay in these places until the suppression of 1652 due to the low number of brothers present.

Sonzogno family, one of the most important of the San Pellegrino of the time, came into possession of the convent and remained open for the community celebrations. .
On December 11, 1838 it was given in administration and property to the parish of San Pellegrino.

In 1895, when Don Antonio Giupponi was chaplain, the church underwent, together with the village, transformations and improvements: for example the cemetery in front of the churchyard was removed to make room for the tree-lined avenue; the floor of the church was replaced with a more decent one, the altar and the interior were restored and the compass was added to the door; the bell tower was raised and equipped with five bells.

In 1931, based on a design by the architect Luigi Angelini, the façade was built in classical style, where the darker columns stand out against a light background. Interesting is the detail of the lunette that adorns the portal, made by the sculptor G. Manzoni. In 1939, Antonio Locatelli, inhabitant of Piazzo, made the wooden choir in the apse of the church.