Church And Oratory Madonna Della Neve In Valmoresca

Via Valmoresca, 17


In the hamlet of Valmoresca in the municipality of Averara, in Val Mora, on the Acqua Nera stream, along the ancient Via Mercatorum towards the San Marco pass, there was an oratory from ancient times. It was completely rebuilt in 1685 with the help of the entire population and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of the Snow, whose feast is celebrated on the 5th of August.

The sacred building, well-proportioned and slender, has a simple hall, with a presbytery raised by one step and distinguished by a high triumphal arch. On the façade, the portal and the two side windows at eye level, joined by entablature in green beola stone, like the jambs, is a solution and apparatus common to many Valley oratories of the time. The bell tower, made of dressed stone, gives a sense of balance with the broken mirrors and recalls the type of bell towers of the time, such as that of the parish church.
Inside, the altarpiece by an anonymous 17th century artist is beautiful, as is the very interesting painting of the Presentation of the Virgin at the Temple, attributed to the local painter Francesco Bianchi, son of M. Aurelio Bianchi, from a family of artists, carvers, inlayers and painters from Lugano who came to live in the Averara Valley. The painting of San Gaetano, depicted in prayer with the lily symbol in the foreground, is also attributable to local painters of the 18th century.

The Oratory of the B.V. della Neve invites to rest and peace, along the path of transhumance that many of our people made for centuries from the upper valley to the Lombardy plain.


There is free access to the church, with the possibility of guided tours by appointment and for a fee (various proposals depending on themes and duration).