Caravaggio's Church

Via Dei Medici, 82
San Pellegrino Terme


This is where the old oratory of St Marco was, a favourite saint during the Venetian reign together with St Rocco, St Sebastian and St Lucia. The building was started by popular consent in 1699. The current altar incorporates the original chapel. The lateral nave and the little portico are from 1887. The architectural layout and the belltower and two bells are from the 1700s. The altar recess has delicate baroque decorations. Many of the works of art are probably from the old parish church. The wooden altar with baroque friezes and the side doors in black marble are wonderful. The votive messages from the people of San Pellegrino in this temple dedicated on 28 January 1920 were thanks to their sons at war. The festival of the apparition (26 May) still attracts many faithful and last century it was the day the beach season started, ending on 10 September, St Nicholas’ day.