Piazza Della Caneva
San Pellegrino Terme


The magistrate Alvise Priuli, wrote of road conditions in Brembana: “in some places it was little more than a path’s width … and in others it was barely passable in the summer, with half a load, because of its rough ridges and it was often necessary for men to carry stuff on their shoulders, while the current one allows not only whole loads to be transported through the hills but will soon be fully passable for carts, even ordinary ones”. In San Pellegrino the route passed in front of the church, crossed the square, through the Caneva arcade, where in 1611 they opened a canteen supplying cheap wine. At the end of the arcade, from the church square, you come to Vetta with the Caves of Dreams, Sussia where the alpine guide Antonio Baroni was born, and Mount Zucco, famous in late spring for the peonies in full bloom.