Bottagisi House

Via Redivo, 1


To this ancient and characteristic building overlooking the Via Mercatorum has often been attributed the function of 'Venetian customs', but there are no documents proving this function and it is more likely that it was a private residence. It is therefore not possible to attribute to the "Casa Bottagisi" a public role linked to the presence of the oldest road in the Brembana Valley, but other characteristic elements make it a notable landmark in the history of the valley for its specific architectural forms.

The building was probably constructed in the 16th century, incorporating another smaller pre-existing one, perhaps as a result of the need to create new spaces to accommodate people and functions.
The façade has, above the wide base arches, two lateral masonry avant-corps that enclose a large space within which the splendid wooden stairs stand out, whose construction probably dates back to a period after the building was erected. A real riot of stairs, cleverly and elegantly structured to reach the three floors of the house with a fan-shaped formation that places in the centre the three landings from which the ramps depart symmetrically on both sides. The building was constructed in at least three phases, the second of which was aimed at providing it with a large portico, probably used for commercial purposes.


The house is freely accessible, with the possibility of guided tours by appointment and against payment (various proposals depending on the theme and duration).