San Giovanni Bianco - Dossena - Santa Trinità

MTB track
  • Lenght (mt.)
  • Duration (h)
  • Difficulty
  • Altitude (mt.)
    NA - 1060
  • Height (mt.)
    800 - NA


This itinerary takes you through various hamlets around San Giovanni Bianco and Dossena and creates a loop.
From the bridge over the Brembo there is an slight ascent towards San Pietro d'Orzio and Grumo where the incline becomes more noticeable until the white Church of San Rocco where you leave the road and enter the woods. The path is mainly flat with only the occasional up or down obstacle to negotiate as you continue past a beautiful panoramic vantage point of mid-Brembana Valley on your way to towards the old mine. From here, near the seat of manufacture of reinforced concrete of the ex-mine, the incline is less pronounced. Pass the metal barrier and take the unpaved road which leads upwards to the higher parts of Dossena.
Pass the hamlet, continue on the flat and take the path which enters the pine wood and you reach a shrine where the descent begins.
The next stretch enters the woods and leads to the small church named Chiesetta della SS Trinità from where you take an abandoned mule track named after the Rolling Stones. You quickly reach the village of San Gallo from where you take the mule track which will lead you back to San Giovanni Bianco

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