Mountain Shelter Capanna 2000 – Path Of Flowers - Vedra Valley

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    1363 - NA


This scenic trail, in the form of a loop, follows the slopes of Mount Arera, one the most famous peaks in the Prealps. From the mountain shelter of Capanna 2000 you ride in a colourful high-mountain-botanical environment, then down along the solitary Vedra Valley passing grazing herds in the meadows. From the main square in Oltre il Colle climb towards Zambla Alta and then veer towards Arera and Plassa passing a wooden artistic structure next to the mountain shelter of S.A.B.A. From the parking area a wide trail leads up to the mountain shelter Capanna 2000 where the famous ‘Sentiero dei fiori’ begins. This path marked CAI 222 runs at high altitude in beautiful habitat with a magnificent rainbow of flowers. On the opposite slope, take path CAI 231 to Lake Branchino, descend along the ridge towards Casera di Vedro coming to the hut named Baite Zuccone and continue to Pian Bracca. Pass Chapel Forcella where the tarmacked trail brings you to the end of this loop at Oltre il Colle.


Full suspension is recommended. The trail is characterized by continuous changes in steepness and frequent stretches where you must dismount due to large boulders. GPS tracking is useful along the descent. Whilst navigating some of difficult-to-orientate intersections follow the direction indicated by the orange markers. Given the delicate natural balance of the area, please be careful and show respect to the spectacular wild flowers which are of great botanical value.

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    OC - Ottime capacità tecniche
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