Manzo Valley And The Springs Of Serina

MTB track
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    283 - NA


This trail forms a loop and enjoys the peaceful valley of Manzo with its sun drenched meadows and a beautiful view of Serina and its mountains. On the return leg while descending towards the steam Serina you find its springs. From the car park in Serina cycle towards the centre of the town following the signs for Lepreno. After passing Cinque Stalle you reach the spring named Manzo, here the hard climb on a tarmacked road up to the company Al del Mans begins. You continue to climb reaching a house in the woods, take a path between dry-stone walls which takes you onto the final ascent where occasionally you have to dismount before reaching the intersection with the 598A CAI path of Monte Gioco. There is a magnificent view from the village of Corone. Once past the nuclear of the houses keep left and descend the wooded slope taking a track to the spring in Serina, cross the bridge and reach the sports centre. Cycling towards the old historic centre brings this loop to a close.

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    MC - Medie capacità tecniche
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