The Brembana Valley is a treasure chest waiting to be discovered, you’ll witness a world of places, traditions and tastes. Its hamlets, villages and towns preserve the precious stories of times past. The luxurious Art Nouveau buildings of San Pellegrino Terme express its more modern times from 1800 and 1900. Due to the benefits of its water this period not only affirmed the town as a tourist hotspot but also affirmed the social status of the wealthy elite who began to frequent the spa town. The museums, the rural architecture of the tiny hamlets in local wood and stone, the ancient paths disseminated throughout the valley all tell a story which would otherwise be all but forgotten. A story of hardship and crafts, the lives of farmers and herdsmen. The sacred art bears witness to a deep rooted religious culture as well as evidence of well known artists who have left artworks which can still be visited today. Take a journey in history which will leave you more than a memory!

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Art Nouveau

In San Pellegrino Terme you can visit several Art Nouveau buildings , including the imposing Grand Hotel and the famous Casino where you can dive into history. Taste the atmosphere from this beautiful period discovering the wonder and splendor of this recently restored building.


Art and Religion

Art has had a tremendous expression through religion and thanks to meticulous conservation it’s still possible to admire its beauty today.


Famous people

The Brembana Valley is the birthplace of many a famous character, let’s discover them!


Villages and traditions

The saying goes that every cloud has its silver lining… and this is very true of the Brembana Valley! The abandoned villages have lain undisturbed for centuries and can therefore be admired today in still much their original state.



Our museums tell the history of the Brembana Valley people and the nature which surrounds them