Dream Caves

La Vetta, 27
San Pellegrino Terme - Località Vetta


The Dream Caves in San Pellegrino Terme was discovered in 1931 by Ermenegildo Zanchi, known as "the Grandfather of deep" . The next year, in 1932, the Caves opened to the public (they were the first equipped Caves in Lombardy). Starting from 2012 you can easily visit the Caves, which are located in San Pellegrino between Vetta e Alpecchio, thanks to the devotion of a group of volunteers " km 28 Antea ". A group of young people born in 2009 which help the promotion of their village. The visit lasts about 30 minutes and it consists in a brief rise which starts from the lower part of the Caves and covers a track full of stalactite and stalagmite. During the visit you can also see the passage which allowed Zanchi to discovered the Caves in 1932. From 22th May 2016 Associazione Oter runs the visit at the Dreams Caves.