QC Terme San Pellegrino

Viale Della Vittoria, 53
San Pellegrino Terme


Whirlpools, Kneipp course, waterfalls, saunas, steam baths, relax lounges where you can let yourself go to a regenerating thermal experience in one of the most famous places in the history of spa. Ancient thermal cures leave space to a new way of wellness surrounded by beauty of the past where where frescos, colonnades, and ceilings dated year '900 unexpectedly get together with architecture and modern design installations, creating an elegant bond between innovative and conservatory restoration.All day long, the master of beauty organizes special events, showing your relaxing techniques, treatments and masks to find correct body shape and beauty. Our massages center, the solarium and the fire, terrace will naturally complete our wellness offers. Not to miss the Light Bistrot salon, embellished with pompeian decorations which arrived to us keeping its magnificence unchanged, where you can enjoy a gourmand experience without forgetting lightness.